3PL for Amazon: Labeling and FBA Prep Services

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Amazon-Focused Labeling Services

Understanding Amazon’s unique requirements is critical to your success. Our expert team is proficient in Amazon’s labeling requirements, ensuring your products are labeled accurately and compliantly to prevent listing errors and potential delays.

Comprehensive FBA Prep Services

Thrive 3PL provides comprehensive FBA prep services. From inspection, bundling, and poly bagging to sticker removal, shrink wrapping, and palletizing, our team meticulously prepares your products in accordance with Amazon’s stringent FBA requirements.

Advanced Inventory Management

With our industry-leading warehouse and order management software, we provide real-time inventory management, enabling you to track your products throughout the labeling and FBA prep process. This system ensures transparency and enables you to make data-driven decisions.

Leverage Our Amazon Expertise

As experienced Amazon sellers ourselves, we understand the unique challenges you face. Our specialized services and in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s guidelines ensure your products are always FBA-ready.

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High-Quality Amazon Shipment Receiving Services

Our team will quickly and carefully unload, inspect, and store all arrived items, ensuring your inventory is perfectly prepared for distribution.

Streamline Your Amazon Returns

We make handling returns easy. Our team offers accurate and quick return services, and we will keep you informed through every step of the returns process.